Jack Hyland has written a dramatic novel, rivaling the amazing adventures by author Dan Brown. Mr. Hyland gives us a scenic view of the streets of Rome, as well as the countryside, with the use of magnificent, descriptive language. There is an architectural history lesson penned throughout the pages of THE MOSES VIRUS, as well as a European geography lesson. The action is fast-paced and transforms Dr. Stewart from archaeology professor to investigative sleuth in an adventure you do not want to miss.

“I really enjoyed The Moses Virus. While I think its narrative could do with tightening up and focusing, I thought the author’s enthusiasm for archaeology and for telling a good tale shone through and I was won over by the plot and by the leading characters. This is also a thriller that is more careful about throwing away human life. I liked that, too. The Rome setting is second to none and is a great backdrop for a thoroughly entertaining and engrossing tale about the hunt for an ancient virus with the potential to outkill even the Spanish Flu.”

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“While working in the Roman underground, two archaeologists are hit by an extreme and very fast working deadly virus. The Italian authorities shut down and seal the site. The virus, that might be traced back the Egypt of Moses, becomes the top priority on the wishing list of one of the world’s biggest genetically-modified seeds manufacturer. Tom Stewart, an American forensic archaeologist, who happened to be near the deadly site, becomes willy-nilly involved in the further investigation. Not that easy when you have to deal with a ruthless cooperation and with hidden secrets of the Vatican. Pretty good mystery with a nice dose of history, action, romance, and the beauty of Rome”

“Do you enjoy the thrill of danger? Discovery of the unknown? Potential world disaster? Ancient history? Big Business vs The Church? I think you’ll definitely want to join in on this one!”

“This is a terrific read—an intelligent thriller that captured my attention from the first page. I couldn’t put it down.”

“Throughout this story, the author presents a lovely description of all the main sites of Roman history in an enticing way that makes the reader want to visit this famed city…The central conflict is similar to most ‘virus or secret weapon’ plots but is unique in its intelligent and sensitive presentation. One suspects that there will be a follow-up to his very interesting piece of criminal fiction. Nicely done, Jack Hyland!”